So I make Minecraft Shaders Now, I Guess

Apr 28, 2024

I've had an interest in computer graphics for a few years now, and a passion for Minecraft for many more, so this was kinda inevitable. After making Acid Interstate V5, I wanted to make my own shaderpack, so I started on one called Gleam. It...wasn't great, and I was really struggling to get the colours to work properly. At the same time, I really liked the look of Ebin, a shader BruceKnowsHow developed from 2016-2020. It doesn't work in modern Minecraft, has a number of issues, and is missing features. So, I have taken it upon myself to resurrect Ebin, and update it to include all the features you'd expect from a Minecraft shader.

Ebin Resurrected

So far, I've added the following:

That's not a huge amount of stuff, but the specular reflections took some work, and I'm still new to this stuff. Some other features I plan to add are

If you want to download the shader, it's in beta right now, but it's mostly playable, and you can find it on Modrinth.

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